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Welcome to our website! We love property and we love people so you can be sure your investment or family home will be in good hands when you choose Propertyscouts to manage your property!

Owning a rental investment can be a lot of work, and choosing a Property Manager to manage your investment can seem overwhelming.  At Propertyscouts we understand your investment because like you, we too are investors. We have a strong team of property managers who are qualified and often investors themselves, so they have great insight into the investment market and ensure that your property is well managed and communication is key!

Why should you choose Propertyscouts Dunedin Over Another Property Management Agency?

  • We are locally owned and operated and well established and respected as part of a Nationwide Property Management Franchise
  • We too are investors
  • We have low rent arrears on our rental portfolio
  • Our team are qualified and run small portfolios so you can ensure your property manager has time to offer your investment the time it needs to do thorough property inspections, qualify and find suitable tenants for your investment, follow up rent arrears, and have the time to offer exceptional communication to both our owners and our tenants
  • Word of mouth is our largest form of business, we often have the privilege of managing properties for our previous tenants
  • We could give you a graph to show vacancy times, average rents and tell you all about how great our reporting is......

But the truth is if you have been looking at other property management websites then you have heard it all before!!!

Let us explain what makes our property management services different........


Here at Propertyscouts we are not salespeople, heck we don't even sell real estate! We are investors that are passionate about offering an honest and professional service.  We pride ourselves on being industry leaders who value property management qualifications and are able to offer investors a full rental management service that goes far beyond just managing your property.  We can offer you free honest advice if you are wanting to grow your rental portfolio, and we can help you increase your ROI on your rental property by offering practical knowledge and advice.  Our success is built on your success.

We joined the property management industry to make a difference.  With changes to the Residential Tenancy Act 1986, it is now more important than ever that you have a property manager who is experienced and qualified, who works for a property management company that has processes and support to ensure every rental property managed is given exceptional service to both tenants and owners alike.

We bring the people back into property management.  So much of managing your investment is based on having a property manager that is able to effectively communicate between tenants and landlords.  We have over 30 years of experience within our team taking care of clients and our own rental investments. We know this gives us the edge needed to provide our property owners the peace of mind that we will look after their investment as if it was our own, and we back this with our guaranteed rent.  

Propertyscouts Dunedin offers you the security of being part of a Nationwide Property Management Franchise with the hands-on, common-sense approach you need for your rental property to be successful.  We have all the depth of the larger companies, offering the latest Property Management Software and years of rental management experience, with the smaller, owner-operator work ethic successful businesses are grown on.  

If you are looking for a property management company that genuinely wants to see you succeed then why not give us a call today?  We love what we do and we are strong believers in helping other investors achieve great results with their rental property or properties.  Whether it is your loved family home or you are looking to build an investment portfolio we can help you reach your goals.


I hear you say, "rental guarantee - how can a property management company be so confident in their service that they can offer their owners Guaranteed Rent?"

Property management is all we do, so we can assure you that when you entrust Propertyscouts with your rental property we can hand on heart say that we can guarantee our owners that we do not take this lightly.  Unlike how investors are all too often portrayed, we know that all rental owners do not have bottomless pockets, so our rental guarantee is our commitment to you to your investment is in safe hands and your cash flow is protected.  We consider ourselves property management specialists and we are proud to offer our owners this additional protection on their property investment.



Like many changes within the residential investment market, Healthy Homes has added additional pressures on investors to comply with the ever-changing platform of the investment market.  The act itself has many positive qualities for the investment market which many of these we support and believe the best investment properties are ones that are warm and dry and can attract high quality and hopefully long-term tenants. 

The act itself can be quite confusing and the infringement fines add to the pressure of making sure as a rental property owner that you get it right.  If you are needing some support around your property complying with the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act, then give our friendly team a call today.  Our property managers are skilled and up to date with legislation and able to ensure you can relax and enjoy your investment and leave the boring stuff to the professionals.



Phase 1: Law changes in effect from 12 August 2020

Rent increases - Rent increases are limited to once every 12 months. This is a change from once every 180 days (six months).

Phase 2: Law changes to take effect from 11 February 2021 - THIS IS THE MAJOR ONE!

Security of rental tenure -  Landlords will not be able to end a periodic tenancy without cause by providing 90 days’ notice no cause. New termination grounds will be available to landlords under a periodic tenancy and the required notice periods have changed.  This is what is referred to in the property management field as the "3 strike rule" and applies for rent arrears and anti-social behavior.  You are able to give notice to take back possession of your property, sell it or do major renovations however the notice periods have been extended. (These are the main ones applicable)

Changes for fixed-term tenancies -  All fixed-term tenancy agreements will convert to periodic tenancies at the end of the fixed-term unless the parties agree otherwise, the tenant gives a 28-day notice (up from 21 days), or the landlord gives notice in accordance with the termination grounds for periodic tenancies.

Making minor changes - Tenants can ask to make changes to the property and landlords must not decline if the change is minor. Landlords must respond to a tenant’s request to make a change within 21 days.

Prohibitions on rental bidding - Rental properties cannot be advertised without a rental price listed, and landlords cannot invite or encourage tenants to bid on the rental (pay more than the advertised rent amount).  This is why you will often see prices now on rental signs, and prohibits landlords from accepting higher rent offers to allows for things such as pets in a rental property.

Fibre broadband - Tenants can request to install fibre broadband, and landlords must agree if it can be installed at no cost to them unless specific exemptions apply.

Privacy and access to justice -  A suppression order can remove names and identifying details from published Tenancy Tribunal decisions if a party who has applied for a suppression order is wholly or substantially successful, or if this is in the interests of the parties and the public interest.  We do agree with this change as it protects tenants who are being mistreated going to tenancy tribunal as previously their names would be published even if they won the hearing.  

Assignment of tenancies - All requests to assign a tenancy must be considered. Landlords cannot decline unreasonably. If a residential tenancy agreement prohibits assignment, it is of no effect.

Landlord records -  Not providing a tenancy agreement in writing will be an unlawful act and landlords will need to retain and provide new types of information relating to the rental property.

Enforcement measures being strengthened - The Regulator (the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment) will have new measures to take action against parties who are not meeting their obligations.  This comes in the form of Infringement Notices which are paid to the crown.

Changes to Tenancy Tribunal jurisdiction - The Tenancy Tribunal can hear cases and make awards up to $100,000. This is a change from $50,000.

Phase 3: Law changes to take effect by 11 August 2021 (Currently still under review and not in effect)

Family violence -  Tenants who experience family violence will be able to withdraw from a fixed-term or periodic tenancy without financial penalty by giving two days’ notice and evidence of the family violence. If they are the only tenant, the tenancy will end.

Physical assault - A landlord will be able to issue a 14-day notice to terminate the tenancy if the tenant has assaulted the landlord, the owner, a member of their family, or the landlord’s agent, and the Police have laid a charge against the tenant in respect of the assault.

Rent Reduction - When a tenant is subject to family violence the tenant can seek a reduction in rent for 2 weeks.  



I have six words to describe Propertyscouts. Approachable. Proactive. Thorough. Dependable. Communicative. Successful. I would not and did not go anywhere else to have my home tenanted and cared for. A great team of people!

- Kirsten - Property Owner