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Propertyscouts Dunedin is where it all started - way back in 2004!  Initially the service offered was 'property finding',but that didn't go so well and it became clear very early on that the demand was more for property management.  

Milton used his background as an analyst and process auditor to define and then refine the various processes involved in property management. Then he set about creating unique points of difference which would help differentiate Propertyscouts from other property managers - like the Propertyscouts RENTAL GUARANTEE.  

Along the way the various processes were tweaked to ensure that they complied with best practice property management. The result was a property management business that quickly grew a loyal following of landlords and tenants alike.  Because the business operated to established and proven processes far fewer issues were encountered and when problems did arise they were quickly and efficiently dealt with.  As Milton likes to say "property management is the same anywhere in NZ and it doesn't matter whether you are managing a $100 per week rental or a $1000 a week rental, the processes should be the same.  Get the processes right- stick to them, and you have all the ingredients of a sucessful property management model".

Realising that the sucess Propertyscouts managed to achieve in Dunedin was unique in property management throughout NZ Milton and Jessica (his BDM) set about writing a 230 page operations manual, 'the bible'.  The operations manual became the cornerstone of the franchising model that follwed and in the two years since Propertyscouts started franchising 10 sucessful franchises have been established around NZ.  

In May 2017 the Dunedin franchise was sold to Brad and Rebecca Harris, the very sucessful Invercargill franchise operators.  Their enthusiasm, drive and committment to the Propertyscouts operational model will see Propoertyscouts Dunedin continue as a market leader in property management.  In the meantime Milton contines to operate from Propertyscouts head office in Dunedin.  His aim is to support the various franchises to ensure their continued sucess and to further Propertyscouts brand awareness by the establishment of additional Proipertyscouts franchises in selected locations around NZ.                  

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