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Repairs and Maintenance National Propertyscouts

Landlords must carry out necessary repairs and maintenance.

Recently, we have encountered issues concerning repairs and maintenance – and in particular Landlords not allowing us to carry out required and necessary repairs and maintenance. We understand. No one likes spending money, especially when its unexpected. The reality is though, if you own a rental property, you can only go for so long before that property will require repairs or maintenance of some sort. Almost all other Property Management companies charge a fee (normally 10% on top of the actual cost) for arranging maintenance on behalf of their landlords. Here at Propertyscouts we don’t do that. Why is that you may ask? Because:

  • We see it as part of our responsibility.
  • We aim to provide a transparent and complete property management service, and
  • By not charging landlords for maintenance, it can’t be claimed that we arrange repairs and maintenance as a way of making money.

We’ve said it plenty of times before so once more surely can’t hurt. Properties that are well maintained attract better tenants, who pay more rent and stay in the tenancies for longer. Still not convinced? Well section 45 of the Residential Tenancies Act states that a Landlord must maintain a property in a reasonable state of repair. The tenants we deal with, generally know that properly maintaining a property and carrying out necessary repairs is a Landlords legal responsibility.


Landlords and Property Management companies have been the subject of some very bad press and are ‘easy pickings’ for lazy news reporters. A Dunedin property management company was sued for $100,000 by tenants because they claimed the property manager and landlord didn’t carry out repairs and maintenance which affected the tenant’s health. Landlords and Property Managers who fail to maintain rental properties in a reasonable state of repair can expect no sympathy from the legal system. The financial repercussions can be eye-watering and the damage to a nationwide brand like Propertyscouts could be devastating.

All we ask is that you don’t put ourselves and yourself at risk. In return we undertake to:

Do our very best to report repairs and maintenance to you.

Ensure that the repairs and maintenance are legitimate and warranted

Arrange quotes to rectify where necessary (small repairs and maintenance should not require quotations)

Maintain contractor relationships to ensure the best and most cost-effective service

Not add additional cost onto the repair and maintenance costs.

We will be unable to continue managing rental properties belonging to landlords who are unable or unwilling to carry out repairs and maintenance which would breach section 45 of the Act. In those circumstances we will be left in the unfortunate position of having to terminate our services immediately.

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