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War on Landlords

War on Landlords National Propertyscouts

Lobby group established as a result of the war on landlords.

The 'war on landlords' has resulted in the establishment of a lobby group calling themselves ‘Stop the War on Tenancies. Founder, Mike Butler claimed in a recent article that between 2008 and 2017 a series of ‘crises’ were created for political gain. One was the narrative that ‘cold and damp houses’ owned by greedy landlords were making children sick. claim according to Butler was that landlords were blamed when in fact the real culprit was the cost of electricity and the fact that many people were too scared to turn the heater on. Butler believes that the reason so much ideologically driven anti-owner legislation gets through parliament unimpeded these days is because of the makeup of the present Government and the lack of political activity on the part of property owners. With approximately 260,000 landlords out there that’s twice the number needed to reach the 5% threshold of getting into Parliament. Food for thought? Maybe we just need a better name than the ‘Stop the War on Tenancies party’.

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