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May 2018Newsletter

5th Jun 2018

1 May 2018 -  monthly Propertyscouts message.  If the residential rental market were the stock market:  Then market commentators would say that we were in the middle of a ‘bear market’.  The term ‘bear market’ is used to describe the stock market when stock values are falling and the overriding feeling is one of pessimism.  While property values seem … read more

Propertyscouts Winter newsletter

5th Jun 2018

Asbestos.  Putting an end to the hype:  Interestingly, some asbestos removal companies have been advertising that ALL landlords need an asbestos management plan for EVERY rental property they own.  The fact of the matters is – thankfully, that is not correct.  Worksafe have issued a policy statement which clarifies a landlord’s responsibilities concerning asbestos in rental properties.  Under the … read more
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