August 15 2017 Landlord Newsletter

17th Aug 2017

Election…what election?  This year’s general    election is generating a lot of debate around housing and and in particular rental properties.  TOP (Gareth Morgan’s Opportunities Party) want to   make it a lot more difficult to evict tenants.  TOP also want to change the tenancy laws so that it’s much easier for tenants to stay in a tenancy long … read more

SCOUTnet Investor newsletter

15th Jun 2017

Is asbestos contamination the next ‘can of worms’ for property investors to deal with?  The hits seem to just keep on coming for property investors.  The latest ‘industry scare’ is asbestos.  It’s believed that up to 75% of the NZ rental housing stock will have building products containing asbestos.  Proposed changes to the Health and Safety Act mean that … read more
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