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29 June 2020

Tenants rights to quiet enjoyment

Quiet enjoyment means a tenant being able to enjoy reasonable peace, comfort and privacy, and allowing others to enjoy the same. Tenants have the right to the ‘quiet enjoyment’ of the house they rent. This means the landlord can’t harass the tenant or interfere with their reasonable peace, comfort and privacy. Generally, we find that most Landlords are aware of the tenant’s rights in this regard and understand it. On very rare occasions we have had to educate some landlords about the tenant’s rights and the requirements on the landlord to provide proper notice if they want to visit the property. We find most tenants very obliging when it comes to landlords wanting to visit the property but here are just a couple of tips to bear in mind:

  1. Always give as much notice as possible to the tenants (via Propertyscouts) and be aware that a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for non-urgent maintenance.
  2. Try to avoid visiting the address when the tenant/s will be there relaxing (like weekends) as doing this repeatedly may be cause for the tenants feeling their ‘quiet enjoyment’ is being breached.
  3. Any repairs or maintenance that is not necessary, like cosmetic improvements, may only be done at a time agreed to by the tenant. The 48-hour notice rule does not apply for the likes of cosmetic work.

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