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Millennials driving change in property management

Millennials driving change in property management National Propertyscouts

30 September 2019

Change is afoot

In a recent core logic article it was claimed that Millennials are demanding change from the traditional processes of property management. Apparently, these millennials (that’s young folk be the way) have high expectations on standards of living. They value experiences over security and want flexible leases and easy ways to book and confirm leases. A lot of what Core Logic reported in their article on millennials isn’t new or innovative in our view but the idea of using robots to conduct potential tenant viewings certainly caught our eye. A company in the USA are using the ‘ZenBot’, a robot located within each of their properties available to rent. Potential tenants can make a time to view that suits them and they are then sent a unique code to unlock the door where they are met by the robot, which then shows them around the property. Technology is rapidly changing the face of property management here in NZ but we still think that we are a few years away from robots conducting tenant viewings.

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