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Who achieves higher rents - Private landlords or Property Managers?

Who achieves higher rents - Private landlords or Property Managers? National Propertyscouts

15 October 2019

We heard a radio advert recently where a property management company was claiming, on average, to achieve $35 more per week in rent than private landlords. That’s a bold claim. Or is it?

There is no doubt that here at Propertyscouts we frequently come across private landlords who are under renting their properties.  Normally there are two reasons for this.  Firstly, because they only own one or two rental properties and for them being a landlord is at best a part-time role, they don’t have the industry knowledge necessary to be able to make informed decisions around the right amount of rent to seek.  Secondly, having probably under rented in the first place, when they do secure tenants who don’t cause too many issues and who continue to renew their leases, they don’t seek regular rental increases when the leases roll over.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that across the board we here at Propertyscouts generally achieve higher rents than private landlords.  And yes, we could probably even put a figure on it but rather than doing that, we think our time is better spent looking out for all the landlords we already represent. 

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