Tenant request to make a minor or major change to the rental property

Additional Information for tenant after request has been made:

  1. If consent is given for the change to the rental property, the landlord/property manager may impose reasonable conditions on how the change is made or remediated.

  2. If the change is minor, the landlord/property manager must respond to you within 21 days. If the change if more than minor, they may advise that they require additional time to consider the request.

  3. If the landlord/property manager confirms the requested change is a minor change in their response, the tenant must return the property to substantially the same condition before the end of the tenancy, unless another arrangement is agreed, eg. the landlord/property manager agrees for the minor change to remain in place. If the tenant doesn’t meet this requirement, it is an unlawful act, and the landlord may recover from the tenant the full costs incurred when returning the property to substantially the same condition.

  4. If damage is caused to the property when removing the fixture, the tenant must inform the landlord immediately. The landlord can decide for the tenant to repair the damage or provide compensation for any reasonable cost to carry out the repair up to the tenant’s liability limit set in section 49B of the Act.