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Are Landlords Parasites?

Are Landlords Parasites? National Propertyscouts

30 March 2020

Fair to say over the last couple of years Landlords have taken a bit of a bashing. So, it’s no surprise that there’s the odd tenant out there with a sad view on landlords. In response to a Covid-19 letter we sent out to all Propertyscouts tenants in NZ one tenant responded by referring to landlords as parasites.

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Latest Auckland franchise kicks off with a bang!

Latest Auckland franchise kicks off with a bang! National Propertyscouts

23 March 2020

Propertyscouts Auckland Metro

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Corona virus (Covid 19)

Corona virus (Covid 19) National Propertyscouts

10 March 2020

How will the corona virus affect investors?

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FAQ National Propertyscouts

2 March 2020

Q. When can a landlord lawfully enter a tenanted property?

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Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill National Propertyscouts

28 February 2020

Introduced to Parliament on the 17 February

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Sale and purchase 'escape' clauses

Sale and purchase 'escape' clauses National Propertyscouts

5 February 2020

Be wary.. theres been a law change

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Claims that the rental market in NZ is broken disputed:

Claims that the rental market in NZ is broken disputed: National Propertyscouts

16 January 2020

Is the rental market in NZ truly broken?

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New Auckland franchise

New Auckland franchise National Propertyscouts

30 December 2019

What drives rental prices?

What drives rental prices? National Propertyscouts

2 December 2019

Market forces are the biggest drivers of rent.

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