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We care about our tenants. That's why a lot of our tenants stay longer and respect their rental property.

Some people think Property Management companies are only worried about their Landlords.  Of course, we must ensure that we look after the Landlords interests - after all their rental property is a very significant investment.  But if you are a tenant renting a Propertyscouts property then hopefully you'll find that we have your interests at heart as well.  After all, without tenants there would be no landlords and we'd be out of a job.

If at any stage of your tenancy things aren't going to plan, please get in touch so that hopefully together we will be able to sort any problems out.  Little issues like unpaid rent for example can very quickly escalate. 

Sometimes problems occur around the issue of maintenance at rental properties.  Generally, as the property managers acting on behalf of the property owner we need to get the owners authority to carry out repairs and maintenance.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, we don't always receive authority to carry out repairs and maintenance in a timely manner.  This can be frustrating for all concerned, but rest assured we will be working on it.  If you feel that things are taking too long, and you haven't heard from us then please get in touch so that we can give you an update on where things are at.