Whangarei Team

Whangarei Team

Didi Skinner

Business Owner

Didi is the proud owner of Propertyscouts Whangarei. She has a background in conservation and project management and for 10 years managed a local trust in Whangarei.

"My husband, Pete, and I was looking at the management of our own property, trying to calculate the risk of rental income vs mortgage payments and meeting the heathy homes standards. Then a friend commented that it is always wiser leaving property management to a professional. I asked around and heard Propertyscouts guarantees the rent. The Propertyscouts systems impressed me so much, I bought my own franchise! Now I love sharing this amazing system with my fellow investors in Whangarei."

In their spare time, Didi and her husband Pete enjoy ocean swimming, fishing and exploring the winterless North.

Lisa Netto

Property Manager

Lisa is the winner of the 2022 “Rising Star Award” for Northland Region, a member of the Residential Property Management Association and has recently completed her Property Manager certification.

Even though she used to manage vehicle fleets instead of properties, Lisa's customer experience, attention to detail and lovely work ethic is what makes her a great contribution to the Propertyscouts Whangarei and Dargaville team.

In 2022 Lisa is concentrating on supporting our active investors and maintaining her strong support network in Dargaville. With the recent tax changes Lisa has built strong partnerships with local CHP providers in Whangarei to provide her clients great tax benefits while mediating the usual risk.

Sergey Gimnarov

Property Manager

Sergey is an accomplished professional with a degree in law, 10 years working experience in the challenging NZ immigration industry and he comes highly recommended for his work ethic. His wide range of knowledge and talents contributes nicely to our already dynamic Team. Sergey has been in a management role in a number of industries and his skill of building strong relationships, his ability to solve complex challenges and the fact that he is a property owner himself, will benefit his clients and tenants.

Nina Jimmieson

Trainee Property Manager

Originally from the North Shore, Nina and her partner purchased a property four years ago in Whangarei to retire to in the future. Her skills stems from experience in a range of different industries from managing a portfolio of high-end boutique holiday homes in Far North Queensland to managing her own rental in Auckland.

Nina is currently completing her Property Management Certification and building a portfolio around the east coast of the Whangarei District. She has an eye for detail, is passionate about educating tenants and is hands-on with maintenance. In property management, Nina believes good communication, being proactive and showing empathy are the strengths that gives her an advantage.

Lucinda Loxton

Accounts Administrator

Lucinda has played an essential part in streamlining our office systems to where they are today. She also plays a big role in keeping the spirits high when the pressure is on. In the last couple of years, she has put systems in place for inspections, helped with the dreaded healthy homes, lessened rent arrears, and solved maintenance challenges. She has recently taken over our accounts to work her magic organising skills. Lucinda's the secret behind our office's low rent arrears and reconciled finances.

Lumarni Marais


If you call our office phone Lumarni is the friendly voice that answers. She joined our team in 2021 because she has ambition and a dream to be part of a team that is growing. This dynamic young lady is hard working and developing wicked skills for marketing and administration. Lumarni makes sure that our outside image is as good as out work ethics inside the office. This includes helping the busy office run smoothly, supporting our staff with resources, organising our suppliers and directing our social media.