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Propertyscouts manage residential and commercial properties in the local area. We are the ‘local specialists’ helping to place quality tenants in rental properties. It’s our job to save property owners time and money …to take the hassle out of owning investment property.

On behalf of property owners we manage all aspects of tenanting a property. A lot of the properties we look after have been purchased solely as investment properties, but we do look after properties such as the ‘family home’ when the owners circumstances may have changed. There are many reasons why an owner may wish to rent a property they own. Furnished or unfurnished, long term rental or short term, investment property or family home – whatever the reason we can help.

5 reasons you should allow us to manage your rental properties

1) Competitive Management fee starting from 7.5% (all fees & charges up front & transparent)
2) No mark up or added fees onto any property maintenance
3) 30 years living in Manurewa - We're local and love our community. We want to see Manukau as the best part of Auckland and want tenants to enjoy renting with Propertyscouts Manukau.
4) 3 Monthly inspections with photos & smoke alarm testing which is great for your insurance.
5) We offer Guaranteed Rent for most circumstances... Give us a call right now!

A summary of the main services we offer Property Owners:
• Rental appraisals
• Advertising and promoting rental properties
• Corresponding with and meeting potential tenants
• Showing available rental properties to potential tenants
• Tenant vetting (reference and credit checks)
• Preparation of Tenancy agreements and bond collection
• Maintaining a tenancy database
• Property inspections including where appropriate organising repairs and maintenance
• Payment of invoices on behalf of owners (rates, insurance, maintenance etc.)
• Rent collecting (we have a policy of zero tolerance to rent arrears)
• Leaving inspections and bond refunds

More information on what we do for Property Owners

A summary of the main services we offer Tenants:
• As locals ourselves, we believe that we can provide advice on local services and amenities
• Arrange all relevant paperwork and correspondence
• Listen, suggest and advocate for the tenant to be in a fair and reasonable tenancy with comfort and security of fixed terms.

Ani Armstrong, Business Owner/Sales

Ani Armstrong

Business Owner/Sales

Kia ora! Ko Ani Armstrong taku ingoa (my name is Ani Armstrong) I am a multi-property investor with over 15 years in Customer Service, I know and understand the importance having "peace of mind" which is why we purchased this franchise as it resonates with our beliefs and values.

I've lived in Manurewa for over 30 years and am now taking our kids to the primary school that I used to attend. As a local, I am proud to be part of this strong, supportive community and my goal is to minimise South Auckland's negative reputation by showcasing the beautiful area as well as all that reside here.

After 5 years managing properties for myself and loved ones, I decided that it was time to create my own path and I joined Propertyscouts and started the Manukau Franchise. Our brand is unique by offering Guaranteed Rent and no mark ups for Property Maintenance. We pride ourselves on looking after investment properties for South Auckland so feel free to call me today and let's talk about how I can provide you with "Peace of Mind".

Phone: +6421765435

John Armstrong, Business Owner/Accounts

John Armstrong

Business Owner/Accounts

Hi there, The name's John and I have been in the Construction Industry for ten years and the Hospitality industry for seven years before that.
I'm not one to go on about myself but I believe that our values align with Propertyscouts which is why we purchased the South Auckland area.

At the end of the day, all businesses want to be successful and I think we have a great combination of skills that can get the job done right.

Phone: +64272222995

Crystal Simpson, Office Manager

Crystal Simpson

Office Manager

Like any productive and high-fuctioning team, there is always a super hi-tech "wizard" behind the curtain so to speak. Our super ninja is Crystal Simpson and she has an arsenal of experience and knowledge of Xero, Accounts (both payable and receivable) as well as credit collections. Come into the office and say "Hi"

Phone: +64223494546

Holly Hiko, Property Manager

Holly Hiko

Property Manager

"I've been residing in Mangere Bridge now for over 20 years and South Auckland going 30 years. I am very biased to say that I love my Mangere Bridge and believe it's the best suburb in Auckland....yes I said it.. not sorry!

I have recently joined my family in a property management business based in Manukau - Propertyscouts Manukau.
(Proud to say I am their first employee!)
We look after Tenants and Landlords across all of South & East Auckland including Franklin. I wanted to reach out and say if you are looking for advice as a landlord around what we can do for you or if you are a tenant after a long term home, feel free to touch base."

Phone: +64225725678

Kimi Muriwai, Property Manager

Kimi Muriwai

Property Manager

Kimi is both an investor and Property Manager, her love of sports and family keeps her connected to the community. Kimi does her best to exceed expectations and is always seeking win-win solutions.

Phone: 022 700 0026

Julie Tuapawa, Rotorua Property Manager

Julie Tuapawa

Rotorua Property Manager

Julie Tuapawa is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Customer Service and Administration with her decades of experience in various roles and industries. Julie decided that she would help out by sharing her expertise part-time and we are extremely grateful. Julie always gets the job done with a smile.

Phone: +64274537747

Hulk, Mascot



Woof woof - when my owners decided to get into property management, I thought it was only fair to take up the important role of mascot - seeing that this adventure will be their bones and kibble... at the very least, this means I will be able to meet new people and go for rides around Manukau.

I was lucky enough to be adopted from the SPCA and I know how important it is to be in a warm, safe home. Thanks to me, we support our local rescues by giving $10 per house we manage every year. In December 2021, we donated $1,300.00 across 5 rescues which should buy alot of bones for my friends.