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Nick Kemplen, Business Owner/Property manager

Nick Kemplen

Business Owner/Property manager

Nick is the proud owner of Propertyscouts Nelson. He has a background in property management through his own portfolio and shares his knowledge and experience with other investors and property owners.

After more than 25 years in the New Zealand film and television industry, whilst also running a successful landscaping business, Nick was seeking a new challenge.
Originally from Auckland, Nick and his family relocated to Nelson 10 years ago to be closer to extended family and enjoy what Nelson has to offer. They love getting out and about on walks, going fishing with the kids and skiing.

Nick has also continued his passion for film and theatre through his involvement with various groups in the Nelson region.

Well organised, with plenty of practical DIY experience and having worked on numerous renovations, Nick knows how to minimise costs and maximise your return.
As a property manager, Nick’s principal goal is to use his knowledge and experience to manage your investment and take away the day to day hassle of rental property ownership.

In his own words “I aim to give my clients complete peace of mind when it comes to owning rental property.”

Give Nick a call today – he’d love to chat to you about your property management needs!

Phone: 027 411 2012

Milton and Ryan Weir, Franchise Business Managers

Milton and Ryan Weir

Franchise Business Managers

Milton and Ryan Weir are the owners of Propertyscouts NZ (2020) Limited. Both have extensive knowledge of the property management industry. Milton has almost 40 years’ experience as a property investor and 20 years in various forms of property management. He co-founded the original Propertyscouts business in Dunedin and used its success as an initial ‘template’ to start the franchise system. Ryan (Milton’s son) has an extensive background in the banking industry as well as property management. In 2013 he co-founded the Auckland property management company Walker Weir. That company followed the original principals of Propertyscouts but also included some innovative strategies. In 2014 Ryan purchased his partner’s share of the business and continued to run the business until it was sold in 2020. At this time Ryan took the opportunity to start his own Propertyscouts franchise – Propertyscouts Auckland Metro and joined Milton as a co-owner of Propertyscouts HQ.

Milton and Ryan have a number of Propertyscouts franchise businesses operating throughout NZ and now also one in Queensland, Australia. Their aim is to make Propertyscouts the most trusted and well-known property management brand in NZ and hopefully one day Australia – well there’s no harm in aiming big! Although each franchise is a standalone business they operate using a proven set of property management templates. These templates are continuously evolving to ensure that the very highest standards of compliance and industry practice are maintained. On a yearly basis the franchises come together for additional training and the presentation of awards for exceptional service and performance. Milton is a member of the Residential Property Managers Association of NZ (RPMA). Ryan is Deputy Chairperson for the RPMA.

PSHQ exists to provide ongoing support and guidance to the franchise business units. On the very rare occasion that any client (Landlord or Tenant) has a complaint to make about one of the franchises Milton and Ryan are happy to step in and investigate, as necessary.