August Monthly Landlord Newsletter Highlights
1 August 2023

August Monthly Landlord Newsletter Highlights

Discover the latest rental market insights and celebrate property managers in our August newsletter—read it now.

We're excited to share the highlights from our August newsletter with you (read the full version here). This edition is packed with important updates and insights on the rental property market that you don't want to miss. Let's dive right in!

  • The Green Party's Rent Control Proposal: Unravelling the Controversy So, let's talk about the ongoing debate on rent controls and how it's stirring up the discussion on rental affordability and housing distribution in our country.
  • National Party's Uncertainty on Scrapping Foreign Home-Buyers Ban: With the election around the corner, we're digging into what's up with the foreign home-buyers ban. It's got everyone wondering what this could mean for the property market.
  • July 2023 Property Investor Insights: by Tony Alexander Ready to stay one step ahead? We've got the latest trends and data insights from the property guru himself, Tony Alexander.
  • The Surging Demand for Luxury Cars in NZ: Whoa, have you noticed the sudden surge in luxury cars on the streets? It's all connected to changing wealth trends and the impact on the property scene.
  • Beating Rising Insurance Premiums: Insurance costs making your head spin? Don't worry; we've got some valuable tips to navigate these rising premiums and keep your investment ship steady.
  • The Power of Crunching Numbers for Successful Property Investment: Numbers don't lie! We'll break down why crunching data is essential for making those smart investment moves.
  • Celebrating National Property Managers' Day: Let's take a moment to appreciate our awesome property managers who work tirelessly to keep your investments in tip-top shape.

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