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Handy hint during the hotter months

Handy hint during the hotter months

Many properties nowadays have a heat pump, and mistakenly use the Cool mode to reduce the temperature. Although this works, it's false economy. Read on...

With the warmer weather upon us, thoughts turn to keeping the inside of your property cool. For those with heat pumps, it's simple, right?

1. Set Mode to Cool

2. Set temperature to 18 or 19 degrees

3. Set fan to Auto

And that's that....right?


Think about how a heat pump works in this mode. You are telling to to use the Cool mode to keep the temperature to whatever you think is comfortable. I will use 18 degrees in this example.

What does the heat pump do? It blasts cold air in to the room (using the motor!) until the thermostat detects 18 degrees. Then switches off.

Now, the temperature keeps dropping to, say, 17.5 degrees. Heat pump detects it's too cold, so fires up and HEATS the room to 18 degrees and switches off.

Because it's a warm day, it doesn't take long  to go over 18 degrees, so the cycle starts again...and again...and again. All the while using the motor which is using power.

There is another way...Use DRY mode.

This acts as a dehumidifier and draws the heat and moisture out of the air in the room, then slowly pumps it back in again as cool air, and the motor is used a fraction of the time.

As an example, if you set the timer to come on at 3pm, by the time you get home from work or wherever you have been, the room and more than likely the house, is a nice cool temperature. This hardly uses the motor so also saves power.


Give it a try..When we first tried it it was amazing how cool the room got in a short space of time.


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