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Can landlords certify compliance of their own properties?

Can landlords certify compliance of their own properties? National Propertyscouts

Healthy Homes Standards

The short answer to this is yes. Having said that, we strongly suggest that you consider using one of the independent companies we use to assess your properties compliance. We know that their reports are detailed and meet the requirements of MBIE audit teams. Certification is not a simple matter of – for example, a landlord saying that the living area has a heater which will heat the area sufficiently. The heating must be assessed along with the m2 of the living area. There is quite a complex calculation involved in assessing this. The ventilation of kitchens and bathrooms is a similar process. Similarly, its not sufficient for a landlord to simply state to his property magaer that the insulation at the property complies. Without an independent assessment photographs of the insulation showing the condition and thickness will be required or an independent certificate from an installer. Fom the 1 July 2021 any new or renewed tenancy has just 90 days from the date of the new or renewed tenancy to fully comply with the Healthy Homes Standards. 

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