Propertyscouts Guaranteed Rent

We've got your back. We provide peace of mind to property owners by offering guaranteed rent! That’s how confident we are in our ability to place great tenants.

Our Guaranteed Rent policy ensures you receive your income as expected even if we've yet to receive it - meaning your cash flow isn't impacted while we deal with any issues in the background! Here’s how it works…

  • If a tenant misses a rent payment, we will continue to pay your rent disbursements for up to 4 weeks (out of our own pocket).
  • During those 4 weeks, we’ll work with the tenant behind the scenes to rectify their arrears. Sometimes, it’s a simple mistake that can be sorted out quickly - if this is the case, you’ll likely be none the wiser that anything has gone wrong.
  • If the missed payment is likely to become a bigger issue and we need to involve you, rest assured you will be informed!