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Some years ago, I purchased a property with a tenant still under contract. For almost 40 years now I have owned property both overseas and in New Zealand and was certainly at the time, unsure about the agent whom I had never heard of, having always dealt exclusively with the bigger well-established Real Estate agencies. I can sincerely say that I cannot fault the experience I have had with Propertyscouts Auckland Metro. They are always accessible, and their attention to detail is exceptional - in some instances, beyond the call-of-duty. Precisely because they are a small agency, the office staff know my properties in detail and I trust them implicitly. Although a small team, combined, they have a wide range of appropriate skills, backed up and supported by their main office and founders, Ryan & Milton Weir, which include a father and son with a wealth of many years experience and knowledge in all facets of the property market. They provide regular updates on legislative changes and other current property information of importance and interest and continually look for ways to improve their service.

- Robert

Propertyscouts Auckland Metro has been incredible since they took over management of my Auckland investment property. Incredibly attentive and making the whole process super easy for me to understand. Regular and transparent communication with great results! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a property manager!

- Shannon Green | West Auckland Property Owner
Shannon Green | West Auckland Property Owner

Our friends connected us with Tim and the Propertyscouts team. We had a small window within which to find suitable tenants, during level-3 lockdown non the less and the team nailed it. Very pleased with the service to date, especially the easy nature of communication we have with Tim. You’re in safe hands with Propertyscouts. We’re excited to continue working with the team.

- Chloe Hedley | Central Auckland Apartment Owner
Chloe Hedley | Central Auckland Apartment Owner

Ryan was excellent and a pleasure to deal with. He followed up and following through on every thing need to make this occupancy happen quickly. Highly recommended.

- Gavin Aleksich | Propertyscouts Tenant
Gavin Aleksich | Propertyscouts Tenant